Lissie at Coachella

Lissie’s set at this year’s Coachella was recorded and is now on the internet for all to see. As should be expected, she, and her band, were exceptional. They moved briskly through a set of songs from the Why You Runnin’ EP, Catching a Tiger, two new songs and their cover of Kid CuDi’s “Pursuit of Happiness,” a setlist staple. During the set, Lissie shared that the band hopes to have a new album out in September. The two new songs, which I expect to be on the new album, were upbeat numbers that hewed closely to the vibe of songs like “In Sleep” (which had a fantastic live incarnation) and “When I’m Alone.” It is a promising taste of what is to come.

Beyond the musical strength of the set, there is always more to be taken from Lissie and her music. Lissie is someone who comes across as happy with herself and who she is in live performances as well as on her often entertaining twitter. She is a gorgeous woman who never appears to try to be anyone other than herself. She is musically talented and a strong writer who seems to rarely write from the position of victimization. She finds a way to be strong or hopeful and that optimism permeates her music in a way that opens her music to being enjoyed during any situation. Catching a Tiger was one of my favorite albums of 2010 and has continued to find consistent rotation in my library. Lissie is in a position where, with the proper push and exposure, she can play an integral role in the lives of young girls as they grow and learn to be happy with their body image and not aspire to be anything but who they are. I am not a woman and do not pretend to know any of the struggles of women, but when there is someone who is not trying to fit into a particular mold or vision of who they might or “should” be, it is important. Lissie is one of those people and I hope that more people learn about her soon.

If nothing else, enjoy her Coachella set and take time to see her if she is anywhere near you.


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