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“In Time” Reaction

In Time, the Justin Timberlake-starring sci-fi/action thriller is a movie with an interesting skeleton and several parts that are interesting on their own, though the movie as a whole never adds up to its parts. It is still a movie worth seeing if for no other reason than to finally see the character Timberlake plays and not┬áthink of him as being Justin Timberlake – something he hasn’t been able to do in any of his larger roles in the last two years. I’m not sure I buy him as an action star at this point, but he isn’t unconvincing either.

Here are the things I enjoyed about the movie:

  • Cillian Murphy is awesome in the movie. If there were one thing I wished there had been more background about, it was the history of or deeper detail about the role of the Timekeepers. Much like the fedora-bearing adjusters in The Adjustment Bureau, detail wouldn’t have ruined the mystery here. At any rate, Murphy is a badass and is perfectly cast here.
  • The key to casting Justin Timberlake from this movie forward should be to find a charismatic female sidekick/cohort to work alongside him. Timberlake is interesting enough on his own, but given the chance to work with Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried have served him well. A movie mainly comprised of Seyfried and Timberlake pulling bank heists and running around together would have been excellent. Timberlake has found great chemistry with women in strong roles and it creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the audience to be a part of.
  • The idea of the movie is interesting but too often got bogged down in trying to make certain the audience understood that there was no “money” in this world. As an example of the current disparity between the 1% and the 99%, the movie is excellently timed but does not trust the audience at all to put the pieces together. Had there been more pure action in place of exposition, the film could have had a shorter running time and been a tighter overall narrative. I’m certain there is a solid B+ movie in what was filmed, it just got watered down.
The film and the atmosphere it creates is excellent and more than worthy of seeing. The science fiction is fairly light and the action well-dispersed through its running time. There are rarely any stupid, bombastic CGI scenes and it allows the actors to be the ones to bear the weight of the film, which works in its favor, especially with a cast as strong as the one on display here. In the end, a shortened running time would have helped the movie, but there is enough that works, and works well, to keep the film afloat.

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