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New Releases 1/25/2011

New releases of note tomorrow, January 25th, 2011:


Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

Sam Beam releases his first full-length record of new material since 2007’s The Shepherd’s Dog. Kiss Each Other Clean finds beam moving further from the man (with an immaculate beard) and his guitar simplicity of his early music and more into making use of a full band and some studio effects from time-to-time, most notably autotune and distortion pedals (!!!). Beam’s knack for melody is still intact, now with a more colorful pallet to dance upon. Standout tracks include “Me and Lazarus,” “Big Burned Hand” and “Your Fake Name Is Good Enough.”


Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Cold War Kids make good upon the promise of their debut with Mine Is Yours, their third full-length LP. Shifting from recording their record live as a full band, as they did with their first two albums, to recording piece by piece with many takes allows the Cold War Kids to take chances they missed on sophomore slump Loyalty To Loyalty. Though the album lakes the ever-shifting dynamics that peppered their first two releases, the foundation the band builds allows each member to find their pocket in each song and groove in a way that was absent early in their careers. If you found yourself let down with the Kings of Leon’s Come Around Sundown, you’ll find the record they hoped to make with Mine Is Yours. Standout tracks include “Royal Blue,” “Finally Begin” and “Cold Toes On the Cold Floor.”




Though I haven’t yet seen Red, I find myself quite interested to see how the movie is executed. I am most intrigued to see if each of the main castmembers are anything other than the characters they’ve played in every movie ever – Bruce Willis as Mr. Get-Shit-Done, Morgan Freeman as the all-knowing mastermind who has many instances of extended dialogue just to make sure he uses his voice as much as possible, John Malkovich as the wild card who might be a little off his rocker and Helen Mirren as the matriarch and emotional backbone.


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